Quality is better than Quantity

A best lines by  Lucius Annaeus Seneca a Roman philosopher says “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” This quote relates to our industry a lot. Many Affiliates  and Partners  worry about Quantity rather than Quality, We always worry about traffic volume instead of traffic quality, But the Advertiser like more Quality Rather then Quantity. When I started writing Affiliate Marketing I always hesitated to contact Networks  and businesses just because I didn’t have enough traffic in terms of Quantity. But slowly I realized, it’s never about traffic volume its more about the quality of your traffic and your approach. And when your Quality getting better then some how Volume also pick up .This Approach allow  me working with Many Affiliates networks and partners just because of my Quality of traffic of different countries and yes I still don’t have much of an impressive traffic volume on the My offers but because my traffic quality is what I pitch when I approach companies, they are more willing to work with me!